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Rockingham Counseling Clinic offers assessment and treatment of criminal offenses specific to the referred issue.  Parole and probation officers are notified on a regular basis of the referred individual's progress in order to help them maintain compliance with their conditions of probation--all in accordance with HIPAA compliant standards.

All assessments and/or evaluations are conducted and completed in a timely manner, and a written report is generated and distributed upon receiving a consent to release signed by the client. Evaluations can be time consuming, stressful and expensive. Every effort is made to ensure that the entire process is sensitive and considerate of the individual's needs as well as affordable.


ANGER MANAGEMENT EVALUATIONS: Referred clients learn effective ways of managing chronic or sporadic anger states by way of assertiveness training, mindfulness practices, and stress management skills.

SEX OFFENDER EVALUATIONS:  including assessments, treatment, psycho-sexual evaluations for adults and youth, as well as risk assessments and liaison with parole and probation departments.

PROBLEMATIC SEXUAL BEHAVIOR: evaluation, education, treatment and support for youths and  families around concerns of inappropriate sexual behavior.

DWI & SUBSTANCE USE EVALUATIONS: Clinicians are NH Impaired Driver Service Providers (IDSP), conduct LADC evaluations, and provide individualized treatment for adults and juveniles.

VIOLENCE RISK ASSESSMENT: Assessments for both adults and juveniles are conducted based on the individual's psycho-social history, current situation, individual clinical factors, and protective factors.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Clinicians are supportive of partners and families evolving into non-violent relational patterns and provides a therapeutic environment, as well as strategies to help individuals change their destructive relationship patterns.

MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATIONS: Forensic evaluations conducted by trained clinicians using evidence-based testing procedures.



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