Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counseling (LADC)


Substance abuse and dependency is a family affair. It’s like a tsunami effect that leaves in its wake feelings of disillusionment, despair, guilt, shame, and fear. The isolation that dependency breeds can be life-threatening, as there is little contact with those who really want to help.

The Rockingham Counseling Center presents as a good place to start your inquiry into what effects can be done to help you and your loved one. It all begins with a phone call, albeit not as simple as it sounds sometimes; that’s the first step. After that, a licensed professional, educated and experienced in treating drug and alcohol misuse and abuse, will interview you and get a detailed history; that’s step two. Next, you will be given some treatment options such as group treatment or individual treatment. A referral may also be made to an inpatient setting or a detox unit; that’s step three. Whatever the plan, you will be asked to give informed consent prior to any treatment; that’s step four. One, make the call; two, receive an evaluation; three, receive the treatment plan; four, grant informed consent, or not.

The program consists of individual treatment, family treatment as well as referral for possible medication use or follow-up. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) consists of 3 hours of group 3 times weekly which can take place during the day or evening, depending upon one’s work schedule. Family members will be encouraged to stay connected with the primary therapist as well as attend their family session. Some insurance plans are fully accepted, some are Out of Network, and there is an affordable sliding scale fee schedule in place as well.

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